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Tell Us About Your Project 

Here's where the excitement starts!  Just choose your project type below and you can tell us more about your awesome Home Renovation Project in the Houston area! Provide as much detail as possible.  If the project is pretty straightforward, we will be able to provide an estimate to you asap.  If we need further details we will connect with you quickly via your contact details provided.

You'll find that your project falls into one of the fallowing categories:

1) Flooring, Fencing and Painting 

We've asked specific questions about these projects which will  help in identifying the basics. Just choose the appropriate project and you'll be one step closer!


2) Multi-Projects/Other

Use this option If you have multiple projects or have interest in telling us about a project such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, handyman services or any of our other listed services which you can find below.

3) Interior Decorating, Home Staging, or Landscaping Project

Please use the appropriate option to provide details about the project. We will contact you in order to set up a time to discuss the project in more detail.

4) Apartment Make Ready

If you are a Leasing Agent and are needing assistance in having your apartment or condo properties expertly ready for new tenants, contact us to discuss how we can assist you.


    Let's get started with your free estimate!

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