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Your Houston Fencing Expert

Hello!  Here is where you can provide info regarding your project.  To give us a good starting point, please ensure that you answer the following questions at the minimum.  Of course the more info the better.

If your project is straightforward we should be able to send your estimate back quickly. If it's more detailed, we will reach out to you via your contact info.

1) How many linear feet is the fence?
2) Is there a fence in place currently?
3) Will you want disposal of the existing fence to be included in the estimate?
4) Will you need gate(s) installed?
5) Regarding the new fence, do you have the fence type picked out or will you need assistance in choosing the material?
6) What type of fence would you like installed?   Pine, Cedar, Vinyl, composite, metal, chain link?
7) Are you wanting a privacy fence installed?


Fencing Project Form

Thanks! We’ll contact you asap!

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