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Interior Paint Drywall Home Renovation


Ready to create the home of your dreams?

N.E. Designs Home Solutions is here to help!

We are capable of meeting all of your renovation and remodeling needs.  Our expert contractors have years of experience servicing the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.  We are a local company and we take great pride in assisting our neighbors in making the idea that is in their minds a reality!  

Our expert design staff will be there for you from the initial sit down discussing those ideas to walking through the budget and materials discussions all the way through project completion.

Work from home and want to spruce up your patio area as that perfect get-a-way area?

Have an outdated kitchen that just needs a little love to make it perfect?

Want to get rid of that carpet and modernize your space with the latest flooring?

Selling your home and need some small projects done to maximize your selling price?

Ready to update that master bath with a walk-in shower?


Kitchen Renovation White Blue Cabinets Stove


The kitchen has always been the hub of our homes. From after school chats with the kids to family gatherings, some of our most memorable moments are in this area. 


Investing in your kitchen renovation can be as minimal as updating your cabinets, backsplash and flooring or as aggresive as opening up a wall in order to create more space for those famous gatherings.  Creating that perfect space is within reach.

White picket fence with gate

In today’s world, an average property should have a fence installed around it for safety and privacy reasons.

Deciding on the type of fencing you have installed such as a cedar or pine fence or white vinyl will have many variables like security, beautification, boundary setting, and noise reduction.


Walk In Shower Bathtub Plant


Over the last 2 years we've all come to appreciate every aspect of our home and living spaces.  High on most peoples wish list for renovation is the bathroom space.  With a few updates it can quickly become your ideal sanctuary. 


From updates such as the latest in luxury fixtures and cabinetry to free standing soaking tubs, steam showers or a large walk in shower, it's easy to transform this space into your personnel luxury spa.

Luscious garden patio with flowers plants

Installing an outdoor living space is one of the biggest home improvement trends. From creating new memories at the next family gathering or simply having a space to simply relax after a long days work, the options are limitless to creating the perfect area.

We offer both landscaping and hardscaping capabilities while also having the ability to build that custom patio and outdoor kitchen that you've been dreaming about.


Main painting on ladder


Exterior painting is simply one of the most straight forward approaches to transforming your home from a home on the block to THE home on the block.  A fresh coat of paint will also increase your homes value, repair damages and adds a layer of protection from different elements such as weather damages, dust, and insects.


Interior painting can uplift a room and provide a clean and fresh look which sets the mood and can help highlight specific features of your living space.

Varnishing the Deck

Looking to build that new deck or patio for some summertime fun or needing to show an older deck a little love?

Decks and patios, as they’re exposed to the elements, require regular maintenance over time or after incidents like heavy weather.

Repairing loosened or broken railings, deck boards, bricks, tiles, can extend the life of your deck or patio. Additionally, many performing staining, painting, and finishing on wooden decks and power-washing is crucial to extending the lif
e of the structure.


Man installing Laminate Flooring


Another simple but impactful renovation, flooring is an essential element in a room's design language. The flooring you choose will set the pace for style, design, and the feel of your home.

Whether you're weighing Hardwood, Laminate, or Vinyl,

while picking out 'the' perfect flooring always consider the area's usage, factor in if you have any kids or pets, will the flooring be exposed to moisture and expected longevity in order to ensure that your is perfection.

Carpenter working on project

From smaller projects such as adding crown molding to framing doors or completing a home renovation project such as a kitchen, bathroom, home office or living room remodel, having an experienced carpenter is a must.

A great carpenter will have the expert workmanship, creativity and know how to tackle any project.


Drywall Repair

Drywall makes it simple to update the look of your home just by painting the walls a new color, whereas other materials may require a full replacement to change the look or design.

Drywall is a cost effective to not only install but to repair.  It is also energy efficient and helps to compliment and improve the structures insulation, saving you considerably on energy bills and is more fire-resistant than plyboard or other materials.

White Staircase

Ready to modernize your ceilings?  Did you know that it's much more than aesthetics?

Look up at your popcorn ceiling. See all those peaks and valleys? Those make the perfect places for dust to cling, reducing your indoor air quality and wreaking havoc on your sinuses.

If you’ve been suffering from dust allergies, removing your popcorn ceilings should help to lessen your symptoms in your home. Even if you don’t deal with allergies, you’ll notice your house is a lot easier to keep clean and maintained.


Worker Caulking Window

Windows are an important part of any home. They provide natural light and ventilation, and they also add beauty and architectural interest to any home.
In addition, well-designed windows can help improve the energy efficiency of a home, which can save you money on their energy bills. If your windows are older and drafty, your home might be less secure and less efficient.

Walk in Closet Wood

Let's face it, it's hard to keep your closet from looking messy.  Storage demands have shifted but now's the time to finally organize!

A custom designed closet makes your space work for you and ladies if you're feeling generous, your spouse lol.

With the right design you can gain needed space in your room and enjoy getting ready in the morning like a breeze.

Let’s Work Together!

Ready for your free estimate?  

Click below to tell us about your next Home Renovation or Remodeling project! 

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